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Empowering Women to Thrive in Faith and Business

Ready to discover your gifts and unlock your life’s purpose? You’re in the right place friend.

I passed out in my car at 7 months pregnant...

It was scary to say the least but it was also transformative as I realized I had spent so much time chasing the wrong things. I walked away from that experience with a new level of confidence that I did not have to be everything to everybody and that I didn’t have to chase money, it would chase me as long as I was walking in my purpose. Now I’m committed to helping more women like me do what they love, tell their stories with confidence and get paid in the process. 

Here's How I Can Help You or Your Audience..


Join me every other week as we provide practical tips on topics such as monetization, organization and effective ways to operate in your God given purpose.



With books ranging from how to live a purpose driven life to devotionals on ways to stretch your faith – my books can help you wherever you are in your purpose driven journey.



Sometimes it pays to be able to go through material at your own pace. My library of courses is training is the perfect place to begin if you’re ready to operate with more clarity and confidence.




My speaking topics center around brand building, goal setting, faith and work life balance. Your audience will walk away with tactical tools on how to get more accomplished without burning out in the process.


Bible Studies

Hosted via Zoom on Wednesday mornings at 8 a.m. our Bible studies are a great place to come and study the word of God while being encouraged by other women.


Brieanna Lightfoot Smith

Brieanna Lightfoot Smith transitioned from the corporate world to become a stay-at-home mom in 2018. Now, she dedicates her life to helping women build successful businesses while raising their children. Brieanna’s speaking engagements cover a range of topics including mental health, community building, and creating effective systems for life and business. She has partnered with ESSENCE Fest, the Urban League, and has been featured on numerous podcasts and radio shows. When she’s not working with clients or creating programs for her nonprofit, Brieanna enjoys listening to music on Spotify and spending quality time with her family.

Speaking and Coaching Services

Sharing Your Story with Confidence

Learn how to share your origin story in a way that connects with your ideal clients.

Faith and Business Alignment

Discover the secrets to balancing a peaceful home life with a thriving business, rooted in faith.

Building Supportive Communities

Understand the importance of cultivating a supportive network that uplifts and empowers you.

Creating Systems and Processes

Implement effective systems and processes in your life and business to achieve greater ease and productivity.

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What People Are Saying

I knew from day one that Brie was the coach I needed to launch my brand! She’s clear, precise, and resourceful. In our 1st session, she brought so much out of me by asking the right questions. I’ve been able to dive deep and not just see things on the surface. It’s like therapy but for my brand. 

Krystal Clayton

Financial Educator 

Brieanna is an excellent speaker and presenter. Her content was exactly what we were looking for. She was very engaging with not only our in-person audience but our virtual audience as well. Our audience walked away with actionable items to begin implementing in their businesses right way. 

Dr. Donalisa Stinyard

Associate Director for the Center for Women Entrepreneurs

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